And I will be home tonight,I will be missing the look in your eyes,you love it when I hold you tied,you say you love me with every cell of your body,you are a better women,1000 time better,I made you mine,it’s been almost a year now since we”ve been”ve been great,perfect to say,loving you is unexpected,what are you women,are you an angel in disguise?

Haven’t here in awhile.I’m back,lol no I’m not goodbye

I wouldn’t mind just meet up with my ex and just fuck,i think it would be a good feeling, :/ horny

Restless the road you have chosen
One day you’ll find you light again
Don’t give up,don’t let go this time.
Just follow your heart,even against a storm you can prevail,beleive in yourself there’s nothing you cannot Do,be yourself an angel of matter what circumstances you are in do your best,follow your dreams,back to a place You once knew,let your love pierce through the darkness,I beleive in you.

Love is not for everyone,love won’t find everyone,some people will look for it and won’t find it,they will try to fill the void,and’s unfortunate.


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Lady in white why has your dress turn black?You need some peace.

I’m a really nice guy,  and also a straightforward guy, I guess that’s why most people like me.